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Laser Screed Flooring

somero-laserscreedMalin currently own 4No Somero Laser Screeds including the SXP-D, SXP and S240 Laser Screed machines. (www.somero.com). These machines are top quality, high quality, robust and very reliable helping to produce the high quality floor slabs that Malin Floors are renowned for.

Each Laser Screed  machine can produce up to 3,000m² of concrete floor slab on a daily basis. With our highly skilled laying teams, we can construct high tolerance floor slabs very quickly for our contractors and clients.

Tolerances achievable are generally in accordance with Technical Report 34 (TR34) 2003 or 2013 editions, Free Movement (FM) tolerances achievable include FM1 (a very high and difficult tolerance to achieve that has been delivered by Malin on a number of contracts. FM2 (2013) or its very close equivalent FM2 Special (2003) which is achieved on a very regular basis and very common on large warehouse distribution centres. FM3 (2013 or 2003) is generally used for smaller warehouses.

Linear tolerances (defined movement) such as DM2 & DM3 (2013) Category 1, & Category 2 ((2003), required for high bay rcking, can also achieved incorporating the laser screed large pour methods to maximise productivity.

powerfloatWith the Defined Movement specifications special techniques are employed to cater for the challenges that exist down fixed aisle locations. All racking locations should have been determined and agreed with the client before works commence. The aisle locations are where the specialist flattening techniques are concentrated.
With the Laser Screed machines slabs can be reinforced with mesh fabric, in a one or two layer configuration, or steel fibres using various fibres and at designed dosage rates.

Laser Screed constructed ground bearing concrete floors and suspended floor slabs on piles using a variety of any of the reinforcement configurations and if necessary a combination of the reinforcement types mentioned above.

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