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Traditional Flooring Methods

handpullLarge Pour, Hand Laying Flooring Methods

At Malin as well as utilising the laser screed machinery we also retain a high skill set of manually laying concrete slabs by hand screeding to achieve high tolerances.
Free movement tolerances (FM2 (2013) or FM2 (special) (2003)) on large pours are generally provided although Malin have checked some floors against FM1 (2003) and were pleased to find that slabs complied with the general requirements.
Areas up to 1,200m² can be cast in a single daydependent upon layout and specification.
Utillising the specialist hand laying construction techniques, Malin can also lay flab areas to falls. These can be found in engineering locations where falls are required to wash down areas. This technique has huge advantages over the traditional ‘envelope’ method of construction.

Reinforcement for this technique can also be traditional mesh and steel fibres. Traditional rebar solutions can also be catered for heavily loaded, suspended floor slabs.
The Malin Hand Laying construction techniques can also be used for producing External Hardstandings. Using this construction technique daily productivity can be doubled easily over the traditional long strip method. External areas are normally brush finished to provide a textured surface for traffic and ease grip during winter conditions.

high-bayTraditional Long Strip Construction
This form of construction is still in use, generally on very high tolerance floor slabs where racking heights are above 13m.These tolerances were commonly known as Superflat or Category 1 tolerances.
Long strip methods generally reduce daily production out puts to around 500-600m² per day. The high tolerances require very special laying and flattening techniques where great care in the design and installation of the formwork is required. Specialist flattening tools are also required to ‘straightedge’ the laid concrete on a regular basis whilst the concrete is still in its ‘fluid’ state. Once concrete has commenced its hardening state, power floats and power trowels are employed to complete the flattening process and finish the concrete.

suspendedUpper Floor Slab Construction
Malin’s highly skilled workforce often works on upper floor slabs on metal decking, pre-cast planks and many other different forms of decking.
Reinforcement can be positioned prior to casting slabs and usually takes the form of traditional mesh and some rebar located at strategic locations.
Malin do not supply the metal decking which is normally installed by the decking manufacturer prior to our arrival on site. Malin then install the reinforcement and place concrete. Output is normally based upon around 800m² per day although larger areas are possible under ideal circumstances.

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