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Floor Slab Maintenance Systems

Here at Malin we have the knowledge, expertise and skilled tradesmen to rectify all types of un-wanted floor slab issues. We can also up-grade your slabs breathing new life and appearance into a well-used investment.

Malin can generally respond rapidly to maintain, upgrade and repair slabs that are showing signs of distress, wear or simply require an aesthetic uplift:

  • Slab polishing: Malin are able to offer a system of diamond polishing a slab’s surface to produce a bright shiny, easy to clean and extremely hard and durable finish. (picture from Morten?)
  • Malin employ several solutions to make good floor joint arris damage which can disrupt the speedy flow of mechanical handling equipment. Arris damage can cause damage to the wheels and suspension of forklift trucks and can be a dangerous health and safety hazard. Badly damaged joints can even cause a racking aisle to be closed down until repairs are completed.
  • Cracks in concrete floor slabs are a common occurrence. Most cracking is simply a case of drying shrinkage, however more serious cracking can be as a result of overloading or high impact damage. Malin can inspect your slabs and advise you on the likely cause of cracking and the best way to make them good using tried and tested robust crack repair methodology.
  • Repairs to surface damage, for example from spillages, wear or delamination
  • If a concrete floor slab has surface damage from spillages, wear, impact delamination etc. We can inspect, report and make good using a variety of techniques to cover most issues.
  • If a floor slab is dusty, hard to clean and needs a re-seal we have several sealers that can be applied to help with your cleanliness and maintenance.
  • If you have removed existing racking, bollards or even had an accident where something cast into the slab has been hit and damaged then we have the expertise to make good most issues using a variety of techniques and materials to renovate the slab and bring it back into serviceability.
  • External slabs can lose their textured brush finish due to a variety of reasons and this can cause health and safety issues with vehicles and MHE skidding particularly in wet conditions. We have solutions that can re-texture your external slabs to        re-instate texture and therefore grip.
  • External yards can suffer surface frost damage causing concrete to ‘pit’, break down slab edge joints resulting in arris damage etc. Jointing materials may become aged and lose or exceed their flexibility. We can make good damage and replace jointing materials as necessary

Our experienced teams are fully trained in all types of materials: two and three-part epoxy resin systems, cementitious, MMA type materials and a variety of other solutions.

Contact Andy Hardwick through our office or on 07957 420858 or email andyh@malinfloors.co.uk  to arrange a survey